Larger Than Life: (Book 1) A light-hearted, uplifting comedy filled with friendship, romance and a big dollop of chaos!

“Nothing my gorgeous Calamity Jen,” he laughed, “it’s just that it seems you’ve managed to find yourself a bunch of misfits to play with who sound even nuttier than you!” Jen Harrington attends the first meeting of the Time 2 Trim slimming club looking for something to keep her on track after her…well…incident, and, much to her adoring husband’s amusement, soon finds solidarity and camaraderie in a quirky bunch of oddballs!

They form a fast and tight bond that catapults them along a journey of chaos, laughter, self-discovery, encouragement and new found motivation. After being nudged into entering a local endurance competition, ‘The Beckleton Beast’, our underdogs are determined not to be humiliated by Brandi and her evil Barbies and set about trying to train. If they can just manage to avoid suspicious policemen, murderous swans and of course the chippy…then maybe they stand a chance. But then, nothing ever goes quite to plan…

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