The Pillow Case Murders

When Henry Hetherington-Busby discovered that the nursing home of choice for his mother was full, he hit upon a staggeringly simple solution. Where no vacancy existed he would create one. An unexpected death in a nursing home would not arouse suspicions.

After all, they are God’s waiting rooms and the Grim Reaper is never far away. He approached the task with optimism, but murder can be as life changing for the perpetrator as it is for the victim. In his endeavours to commit the perfect murder, Henry’s mundane and predictable life as a small town accountant would change forever.

In opulent Marbella with limited funds, he would follow police progress back home with trepidation.Could he somehow evade justice? This isn’t a ‘Who done it?’ This is a ‘Will he get away with it?’ And he just might.

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