The Heretics’ Revenge

In 1244 the Cathar stronghold of Montségur is attacked and 205 heretics are burnt to death soon after they hide their treasure and relic. German scholar Otto Rahn, makes it his life goal to locate the Cathar cache in the 1930s. His book Crusade against the Grail attracts Reichsführer Himmler’s attention and he recruits Rahn into the SS. Exposed as a homosexual with Jewish ancestry, Rahn commits suicide. But only after leaving all his notes on where the treasure and relic may be found, with his niece. This is the true background story to the modern-day fictional search and discovery.

Protagonist Steve Jackson and French girlfriend Manon eventually locate the lost notes and use them to search for the treasure, finally locating it. The find is one of the greatest finds ever made and provides the Church with a major theological dilemma –The Heretics’ Revenge – has arrived.

A controversial fictional discovery that is highly thought-provoking yet completely plausible and with a well researched historical backstory leading to the main narrative.

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