THE GUN RPG: (Ruchnoy Pulemet Kalashnikove – 74) ‘A Trilogy of Man’s Inhumanity of Man’

THE GUN The Gun becomes a killing machine in three different arenas of conflict as it passes from gunner to gunner in the heat of action or from the hands of international gunrunners. THE GUN plays its part in the invasion of Afghanistan and the subjugation of people upholding the age-old aspect of war as being rape, pillage, and burn.

THE GUN changes hands to take part in the invasion of Chechnya in death-dealing that adds to the total destruction of the people and the country. THE GUN finally falling into the hands of gunrunners. It journeys to Sierra Leone. Where it becomes involved in the most unmanageable scenes of human depravity, finding a resting place amongst the victims of the conflict.

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