The Bandit Kings of Nowhere Park

Not all delinquents have lost their way; some have found their calling. When young Holliday and Bogart sneak out to explore the Phoenix summer nights, they find more than they’d ever imagined.

Nowhere Park is a haven for troubled kids. On the first night of summer, magic doorways appear in each of the seven cities of the southwest, and all the bastard boys and wild girls come running to answer the call. No adults, no police, no laws can follow them through.

There’s only a few rules to the Park, and the first is to obey the king. Legend has it that anyone who breaks the rules will be cut down by the Snipes—huge scorpion creatures with sword-like claws. The boys have no intention of meeting them, but when they run afoul of Nowhere’s cruel, new king, they have to decide which legends they believe, and which are most likely to kill them.

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