Rosa Freeman, Fifteen Days And Counting

From the outside eighty – five Kendal Close looks much the same as most of the houses in the close, but no one would guess that within its walls rages a typhoon of tangled and mismatched relationships. The De Lorenzo’s are a glitzy, glamorous celebrity family with a heady taste for life. Gorgeous Alphonse De Lorenzo is torn between the demands of two powerful women, Juannita and Juliette. He has nowhere to run until. Enter Rosa Freeman. She decides to take the job of nanny to Alphonse and Juannita’s eight – year old daughter, Calmy.

Rosa is no quitter, but even she is beginning to wonder whether she hasn’t bitten off more than she can chew? It’s not long before Rosa’s sense of fair play and justice is put to the test. Eighty – seven – year – old Mrs Gullickson, the De Lorenzo’s neighbour is in an impossible position. Her neighbours, the De Lorenzo’s have her living in fear. When Rosa discovers her heartbreaking story, it leaves her no choice but to ‘get involved’. Something ‘Matty,’ the babysitter has repeatedly warned her against. One slip and Rosa knows it’s curtains. She’s not dealing with just any family; she realises that when she meets Danielle Bauer, Juannita’s son’s girlfriend. There are some seriously questionable dealings afoot and if she slips up, the ramifications could be unthinkable!

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