When Laura cons her way into the music biz, she is elated and is ready to work her way to the top as the manager for the heavy metal band Streetcrash. Soon, however, her life becomes a tornado that she can’t control and she finds herself out of her depth, deep in debt, and an emotional wreck. Despite all this, one thing’s for sure – Laura isn’t giving up until she gets them signed to the record label and proves her worth.

Rock N Roll Mayhem 1970 is a laugh out loud work of fiction punctuated with a unique twist. Stella Ralfini mixes together raunchy fictional characters with real music icons we all know and love, and brings them together to share the major events and social changes of the 1970s.

While Streetcrash are a fictional band, its members are based on famous musicians Stella personally knew. Eagled-eyed music fans may be able to work them out. Join the party at

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