Practical Positive Parenting: How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children Ages 2-7 By Empowering Confidence

This Proven Formula Reveals How to Understand, Connect with & Empower Your Child
You may have heard of Positive Parenting but you aren’t sure how to Practically apply it.

This book is your key to a new and flourishing parent-child relationship.

It’s full of practical advice you can apply today.

You can create your ideal family and give your child the chance to truly thrive.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover in this positive parenting book:

Positive parenting in 5 simple steps

Understand how children think and feel, at different stages of development

Find out your personality parenting style

8 simple steps to exert healthy discipline, without being authoritarian

The reason behind your child’s misbehavior (The answer will surprise you)

10 action-based commandments for disciplining toddlers

The simple-to-fix mistakes parents make when disciplining older children

The exact steps to dealing with your frustration or anger, should it arise

Many “In Real Life” examples of conversations and situations which make this Book immediately actionable

Final tips you can apply in less than 5 minutes to make a tangible, positive impact on your child

Take a second to imagine how you’ll feel once you can truly see eye to eye with your child. How much easier getting through the day will be.

And if you have a burning desire to evolve into an idyllic family and give your child the chance to truly thrive then get this book today!

99 Cent Bargain Book from September 2 – 18, 2020