Painful: One doctors fight against the Opioid Epidemic & Big Pharma

A naive doctor must abandon his ethics and moral compass to survive when he learns his mentor, backed by a ruthless pharmaceutical company, is responsible for overdose deaths of thousands of Americans from a new and powerful opioid: Ultracodone.

Ryan Sharpe is a struggling anesthesiologist trying to pay off his massive student loan debt when a highly lucrative expert job helping to defend the CEO of the largest chain of pain clinics in the southeast drops into his lap.

In the process of reviewing the case Ryan discovers an extremely addictive and deadly opioid, Ultracodone, is being inappropriately prescribed in the clinics. Ryan brings his findings to the attention of the CEO, Dr. Washington, only to be ignored. The next day Ryan’s career is placed in jeopardy and his life threatened in an effort to strong arm him into playing along, placing profits over patients, while thousands die from overdoses.

Facing federal prison, financial disaster, and professional ruin Ryan and his wife decide to disappear with stolen identities and pilfered Bitcoin. Their plan takes an unexpected turn when his wife is kidnaped. Out of options, Ryan must risk everything to save his wife while simultaneously incriminating Dr. Washington and the pharmaceutical company responsible for making the deadly opioid.

99 Cent Bargain Book from June 14 – 30, 2021