My Inbox – Uncensored!

Q. What does a woman do with her arsehole before making love? A. Drops him off at the club. Is this sexist? Who decides whether it should or should not be? It is just one of a random collection of quips, poems, paraprosdokians, anecdotes, philosophies and rants selected from the compiler’s email inbox over a period of years. A collection of fun, filth and philosophy! Remember that he didn’t send these emails, he received them. He hopes you will find this eclectic collection amusing, interesting and thought provoking. You may laugh at some and cringe at others. If you think you might be offended by some of the corny, tasteless, tacky, allegedly racist, sexist, ageist, politically incorrect content, then please – DON’T BUY THIS BOOK But remember, too ,that the two most obdurate, intolerant books ever written were the Bible and the Quoran. WARNING Political correctness can seriously damage your sense of humour “I laughed so hard, the tears ran down my legs.”

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