Moses & Mac

A female Indiana Jones in the making and a secretive Vatican archaeological spy service!

On her dismal 30th birthday, unassuming scholar Mackenzie Braden receives a package from her Aunt Sara, urging her to locate Moses’ rod. The most powerful weapon in history will start global chaos if it lands in the wrong hands. Sara was an agent for the top-secret Vatican Archaeological Service. But she’s dead and the agency inactive. Mackenzie’s only clue is a Moses figurine and except for ex-military pilot Eoin Reilly, her allies are as inept as she is.

But nothing will stop Mackenzie from fulfilling her mission and making Eoin her birthday present. She sets off for the Middle East where she fends off a dysfunctional family of treasure hunters, a fake Mossad operative, a manic former VAS agent, underground tunnels, terrorists, and rocket launchers. But this is training for Mackenzie’s ultimate clash with her aunt’s and now her greatest foe, a deposed Saudi prince with world domination on his mind.

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