Flavour with Benefits: France

Would you love to escape on a romantic journey? Your ticket is between the covers of the stunning Flavour with Benefits: France.

Discover the world’s most popular travel destination:
* Experience breathtaking France with over 100 original photographs.
* Sail by limestone cliffs on a warm Mediterranean current.
* Descend a glowing staircase to a wine cave filled with millions of bottles of champagne.

Learn about women who changed the world:
* The Grande Dame of Champagne who couldn’t vote yet built an empire.
* La mère (the mother) Brazier whose restaurants set new culinary standards.

Food that doesn’t compromise flavour or health:
* Enjoy 50+ inspired recipes accompanied by stunning photographs.
* Learn about food as medicine and a five-year-old girl.
* Crave a dessert that reimagines: I’ll have what she’s having!

Flavour with Benefits: France will inspire you to plan the trip of your dreams and indulge in
flavours that deliver a pleasant surprise. Recipes including Lemon Lavender Cheesecake, The Starry Night Pie, Reimagined French Onion Soup, the Gâteau d’Arles fluffy lemon cake, Potatoes au Gratin, Coffee Rubbed Steak, Fish Cassis, Double Chocolate Donuts and more.

Co-authors, Cathy Connally and Charley Best, are obsessed with developing new approaches to iconic flavours served with a side-dish of travel.

Flavour with Benefits: France by Cathy Connally & Charley Best only $4.99 on Amazon Kindle from May 25 – 29, 2021