As the world descends into chaos, a young cyborg tightens the noose around his neck. How could life spiral down into such a black hole? The cyborg terrorist revolutionaries attacking the clones; the riot police retaliating with public hangings; executions being streamed live across the entire sector; and true love failing. The new world order brings a class struggle, social unrest, and injustice where an interracial love has no hope to survive. Watching over these proceedings is a trio of guardian angels, the Soul Sisters, who are there to remind us that everything and everyone are connected through the universal energy of love. Without love, you ain’t nothing but a Cybersoul. Originally written as an allegorical stage musical, Cybersoul was inspired by the U.S. black civil rights movement and soul music of the 1960s. Here, the songs inform each chapter and add a lyrical poetry to the story.

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