And Don’t Forget The Roses (Sam Farmer)

Sam kept the promise that he made to his dying wife, Annie but that didn’t help ease the feelings of loss and loneliness. He wasn’t to know that she had plans for her husband from beyond the grave that would cause him to confront the ghosts from his past, and those of a young woman who he met by accident – or was it?

You haunt me ‘like a beautiful jewel, hung in ghastly night – William Shakespeare Sam had kept his final promise to his late wife Annie, but sitting on the steps outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, he can hear a woman shouting behind him; their meeting will alter the direction of their lives forever.

But was their meeting by accident? Or had fate, or a force beyond their control, drawn them together Both bear scars from their past: Sam’s due to a betrayal of love and trust – caustic memories that eat away at his soul; Penny’s because of guilt from early childhood, lonely and friendless – blame which won’t allow her to believe in herself.

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