Alexander the Great: A Captivating Guide to the King Who Conquered the Persian Empire and Babylon, Including His Impact on Ancient Greece and Rome

Alexander of Macedon was only thirty-three years old when he died, leaving behind him a sprawling empire of impressive size, which encompassed dozens of different people groups, religions, cultures, customs, and—of course—problems. Naturally, Alexander is well known as a figure, but how well do we really know him? How much of his fascinating story is true, and how much is mere legend?

Historians of repute have tried, for centuries, to decode Alexander’s life and answer all the burning questions above. Sadly, the common reader knows very little of the real Alexander, yet all of that is about to change with this handy little volume right here!

Leafing through this book, you’ll find out the real story behind Alexander, one of the most influential, capable, and lauded conquerors in ancient history. You’ll find out just why so many other great politicians, generals, and future conquerors saw this Macedonian youth as the go-to inspiration to reach for the stars.

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