A Mystical Life

The book opens with the author explaining how spiritualists rely on ESP (extra sensory perception) and how he had his first spiritual encounter at the age of four. This happened in 1958 where the author came across a haggard black clothed woman who he thought might be a witch.

Forty years later Edwin (brother) said that he’d had the same experience and had suffered nightmares since. The author goes on to explain the difference between a ghost and a spirit and relates some of his own spiritual experiences in detail, such as the ghost in the park and how his truck seemingly disappeared and was found 150 metres away.

Another hair-raising encounter happened on a trip to a haunted house in Stratford-upon-Avon where the author came across evil spirits, one being John Davis, rapist and murderer.

The book continues with a very detailed section about spiritual healing including when the author suffered a heart attack where he describes the physical and psychic fallout.

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