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What’s Hidden Within by Darren Singleton


Six years after the battered body of eighteen year old Daphne Moore was discovered on scrubland behind a well-to-do housing estate; a case that still haunts her partner to this day. And whilst coping with the rapid decline in her father’s health, Detective Inspector Regan Rowe is assigned her first case as lead investigator.

The brutal murder of Mia Kirsch; a teacher at the prestigious Blackfriars academy, shocks the community of Broughton to its core and with similarities between the two murders becoming all too apparent, the Detectives soon realise they are hunting a ruthless and methodical serial killer. The investigation will lead Regan and her team down dark unrelenting corridors, place them in unimaginable danger and force them to examine the very depths of their souls, until the tiniest of details will lead them to the killers door.

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