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AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY ON AMAZON:  Do you find yourself trusting the wrong people again and again? Expressive Arts therapist Neela Arnaud teaches you to recognize the 16 primary traits of unhealthy, toxic people while encouraging self-reflection, self-love, and emotional self-care. In Waking Up To Toxic People (Book One of the Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series) you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize the characteristics and traits of unhealthy, dysfunctional people
  • Become aware of typical behaviors and 'red flags' common to people who are toxic
  • Assess how vulnerable you may be to toxic people based on your past relationship experiences
  • Move past any blocks that may be preventing you from noticing when someone is toxic and potentially harmful

Guided Journals for Adult Survivors Series

Book One: Waking Up To Toxic People
Book Two: Protecting Yourself From Toxic People
Book Three: Releasing Toxic People

The Guided Journals for Adult Survivors series is based on material from author Neela Arnaud's international workshops created specifically for Adult Survivors of Relationship Abuse. All journals in the series include educational material, guided explorations with self-reflection exercises and writing prompts, and topic-compatible Self-Awareness Logs to encourage continued self-exploration and emotional self-care.

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