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Are you looking for a way to starve your competition by getting as many customers, clients, or patients as possible?

Do you wish there was an easier way to get motivated into results besides generic goal-setting advice?

Could you multiply your income just by reaching more of the prospects you’re already advertising to?

In Easy Small Business Ideas, marketing-expert Fraser Druet presents proven secrets for reaching and converting as many customers as possible.

In Easy Small Business Ideas, you will find:

Secrets the Top 5% performers use to reach their dreams quicker, more easily, and to a higher degree

New powerful idea combinations supported by recent studies, including MRI brain scans…

It’s not your fault you aren’t living your dream, and how to stop what’s holding you back

The 1-minute secret to multiplying your conversion rate

The secret to eliminating the pain of selling

How to add higher prices, yet get even more customers

Why prospects should buy from you instead of your competition

How to work less on tasks that don’t make you maximum money

How to eliminate business-draining 1-star reviews

Whether social media is a time sink or an opportunity

How to get the maximum amount of customers possible and starve your competition

The secret to accelerating an earlier and wealthier retirement

And much, much more — all told with brutal honesty and lavish generosity.

Easy Small Business Ideas guides readers through powerful customer-generating studies and lessons published in Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

Easy Small Business Ideas makes it easy to ascend to the Top 5% of your industry, and beyond.

Read this book to get more business today.

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