Deal : True Crime

Date: 14 July, 2021

These are 10 lesser known serial killer tales you have likely never heard of before. It is hoped that one day all of the ones who got away will be caught. But until then, be prepared to enter the lives and exploits of these nameless forces of nature. And be warned. 99 Cent Bargain Book from July 11 - August 11, 2021

Date: 25 March, 2021

"Sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in England Joe embarks on a quest for freedom, from the voices of his past and the reality of the present. To make good his escape he will have to align himself with organised criminals, Islamic Extremists and a shady part of British Intelligence. Amidst the turmoil of this intrigue Joe is increasingly forced to question where he belongs, a dilemma made more difficult by a visit from his estranged daughter. Ultimately, Joe has to decide what's worth dying for, and what's worth killing for? Joe McDermot's story is a look through the keyhole...

Date: 24 February, 2021

In this book, Bundy case detectives Jerry Thompson of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Don Patchen of Tallahassee, Florida, talk about their personal experiences with Bundy. So does Ron Holmes, the Louisville criminologist who worked with the killer towards the end of his life. Also included are official reports that have rarely been viewed outside of the archives, along with the author's commentary to guide readers through them. And last but not least, is Bundy's final confession to Utah detective Dennis Couch just hours prior to Bundy's execution. In it, Bundy reveals startling facts and sparks additional questions. A must-read...