Deal : Success Self-Help

Date: 19 October, 2020

If you are ready to create the life you desire without emotional baggage weighing you down...this book is for you! In spite of your achievements in life, do you remain curiously and even frustratingly unfulfilled? In spite of your efforts to create the life of your dreams, do you feel that love, youthful exuberance, and happiness remain devastatingly elusive? If you can relate to these obstacles, you are not alone. FREE eBook From October 19 - 23, 2020

Date: 21 September, 2020

From Green Beret training, travel adventures to 63 countries, being a highly successful emergency medicine doctor, to raising 5 thriving children, Dr Tim Reynolds has accumulated a lifetime of experiences. Now he wants to share the nuts and bolts of how to get out of the "Zombie life" and create spectacular for you and for your family. His desire to help everyone onto the road to financial freedom, great health, spectacular relationships, and how to squeeze the juice out of all areas of life were his motivating factors to write this book. The tools are each laid out in step...

Date: 1 July, 2020

If you want to develop your thinking skills and stop making bad decisions, then keep reading… Two manuscripts in one book: Critical Thinking: An Essential Guide to Improving Your Decision-Making Skills and Problem-Solving Abilities along with Avoiding Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases Cognitive Biases: A Fascinating Look into Human Psychology and What You Can Do to Avoid Cognitive Dissonance, Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills, and Make Better Decisions Are you fed up with not being able to make the right call when under pressure? Is it time to admit that you need to ditch your terrible decision-making skills and learn something...