Deal : Self Help

Date: 13 July, 2021

While self-talk—the voice in your head-is natural in helping you make decisions, many times it can take a negative path, becoming a toxic trap of self-hate that limits you from living a healthy life. However, there is a way to combat toxic thinking, and it doesn’t involve spending your hard-earned cash on costly medicines or treatments. In Toxic Thinking, you’ll find tools and techniques backed by research to start you on your journey towards self-help. 99 Cent Bargain Book from July 13 - 15, 2021

Date: 7 July, 2021

Developing your emotional intelligence? Learn simple and practical techniques to cultivate your love competence… Everyone wants love. We’re so desperate for it that we are frequently willing to take any deformed shape of it. But what if we can bring in the idea in a developed and genuine form to make it available to every person? Dr. Alachkar’s elegant but transparent manuscript is packed with thought-provoking insights and concrete action steps to make salient our native competency for loving so we can then orient our next actions toward embracing love. If you want to learn the conceptualization of love and...

Date: 24 June, 2021

If you don’t know who to trust, keep making stupid mistakes, and question your own judgement... Then keep reading Why do employers judge candidates on the first impression they make, even though they know it’s wrong and often misleading? Why do people smoke, drink to excess, and eat things they know are bad for them? How do normally intelligent people wind up believing fake news stories? Poor reasoning, inability to tell facts from fiction and flawed decision-making cause these kinds of fallacies. They’re the reason most people never live up to their potential. That’s why we wrote this book. Inside,...

Date: 18 June, 2021

You're running out of time. Your new life is waiting for you and here’s how you can claim it today! Do you often sit there reminiscing the good times you've had and wonder how in the heck things got this out of hand? He used to be such a great guy, you think, as you bounce back and forth between confusion, 'love', and disgust. 'Maybe it's my fault", you conclude. "He is really busy with his work, and I'm not always as there for him as I could be." Sound familiar? So then you go and change X, Y, Z...

Date: 17 June, 2021

The Japanese time-management techniques Kaizen and Ikigai can help you to accomplish your goals. Overcome the vice of procrastination and chart a course for your future success. Learn to spot the "mental traps" that hinder our progress and prevent us from fulfilling our daily obligations and excelling in our chosen career path. Read "How to Set Goals with Kaizen & Ikigai" by Anthony Raymond on Amazon Kindle  

Date: 26 May, 2021

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats -- as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relateable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a terminal diagnosis, building resilience, finding or losing one's faith in a higher power, and much more! From its heartfelt personal accounts of how these strong individuals cope with cancer, to the thought-provoking search for meaning that underlies it all, this book is sure to run...

Date: 25 May, 2021

FIND YOUR CARROT will help you organize your life and your heart to be true to yourself. This book is a game changer to help you thrive and flourish in your career and throughout your life. 99 Cent Bargain Book from May 25 - June 8, 2021

Date: 8 May, 2021

Jack has some ‘splainin’ to do! That's right! Callie Lassiter's normally well-behaved Great Dane Jack has run off and done the wild thing with the neighbor's dog. It must be puppy love! It's doubly embarrassing since she's a professional dog trainer. Of course, the neighbor would have to be hot, hot nightclub owner bad boy Owen McKay, just the kind of man Callie is determined to avoid. Owen’s comfortable with his playboy status and the hype in the media. But the ground moves beneath his feet when he gets an eyeful of the girl next door. The Dog Whisperer never...

Date: 7 May, 2021

Time is the most valuable currency we have in this life. In life, the time you have to dedicate to the things that matter the most is dictated more by the smallest habits in your daily life than you realize, and this book will help you achieve more wealth than you could imagine. Are you ready to take on the challenge to make these small changes? FREE eBook from May 7 - 10, 2021

Date: 7 May, 2021

Dr. Alachkar’s Memoir shares genuine emotion, heartbreaks and great successes, and encourages us to be our authentic selves. This Memoir highlights our humanity's purpose to share our story and of our fear of being forgotten after death and yet to live each day. If you like easy and genuine reads that tell it to you straight, then be sure to get your FREE Kindle Copy of Morhaf’s Being Authentic This memoir convinces the reader that it has something life or death worthy so that the reader can literally stop his reality and dare to learn something that may aid in...