Deal : Religion

Date: 14 July, 2021

Desire to find your Authentic Voice? Learn the process to participate more authentically in the project we call humanity Rare are the spaces in which we can look inwardly at who we are. There is no horizon to do so more intimately than reading one’s biography. Reflect on what and who you are. What constitutes your core self? What should that be? Dr. Alachkar’s Memoir shares genuine emotion, heartbreaks and great successes, and encourages us to be our authentic selves. This Memoir highlights our humanity's purpose to share our story and of our fear of being forgotten after death and...

Date: 7 July, 2021

These are uncertain times. We all are looking for peace and calm in the midst of our circumstances. More Peace provides 30 short meditations that bring peace. Meditations focus on mindfulness, faith, breath, or guided imagery to give a handle of peace to carry throughout the day. FREE eBook from July 7 - 8, 2021

Date: 30 June, 2021

Finalist in 2018 IAN Book Awards. As a young girl, Julia began buying gifts for her future spouse, a man whose likeness and personality she has conjured up in her mind, a man she calls her “beloved.” Soon after the United States enters the Great War, Julia impulsively volunteers as a medical aid worker with no experience or training. Disheartened by the realities of war, will Julia abandon the pursuit of her beloved? Will her naïve ‘gift scheme’ distract her from recognizing her true “Great Love?” From Philadelphia to war-torn France, follow Julia as she transitions from unworldly young woman...

Date: 11 September, 2020

12 accounts of personal experiences from the world beyond – deceased human beings transmitted their individual story through the Swiss deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner. In a vivid manner they describe their initial experiences and encounters in the next world and provide an insight into the meaning of earthly existence and the diversity of the world that awaits us. 99 Cent Bargain Book from September 11 - 17, 2020

Date: 24 August, 2020

Who is God…really? Where is God amid all the Christian denominations? Why does He seem to change so drastically between the Old and New Testament and now? Did He change, or did the people change? "Papa's Last Words" is a legacy instruction from an unconventional Christian father to his children, elaborating on the identity of God according to the Bible. It challenges mainstream concepts, begs for unbiased thinking, promotes Berean study habits, encourages fearless questioning, and appreciates disagreement. It reveals Abraham’s God within the rift between Christianity and Judaism, using scholarly texts and a study on linguistics for support. The...