Making The Grade by Violet Ashcroft

In the hallowed halls of Hartman Academy, where artistic genius and carnal desire intertwine, Emily Reed's quest for recognition ignites a firestorm of passion, jealousy, and fatal obsession. Determined to leave her mark on the art world, Emily navigates a sensual labyrinth of rivalry and seduction. Her competitive spirit clashes with an unexpected attraction to the talented Sakura, blurring the lines between admiration and envy, lust and loathing. As the prestigious Grand Showcase Award approaches, Emily's ambition leads her down a path of moral ambiguity. She finds herself entangled in a web of manipulation, forbidden trysts, and dangerous liaisons. Each brushstroke becomes a battle between her artistic integrity and her burning desire for success—and for Sakura. But in this high-stakes game of art and seduction, not everyone will survive to see their masterpiece hung.
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